Snyder Causal Theory and Treatment

SCTT assumes that personality and behavior, including and especially adult behaviors, result from childhood experiences beginning from birth, and perhaps even in the womb. Theory and treatment also assume that all children are born pristine or perfect or divine without flaws. Despite some highly touted and enduring scientific reports that claim genes cause certain behaviors, there are no studies to date that have withstood scrutiny and achieved replication. What does happen in childhood is that we form ideas about others, the world and ourselves according to the way we are treated. Our experiences create beliefs, attitudes and drives that guide us for better or for worse. We learn to think according to what we have learned and sometimes that means thinking around what we have learned because knowing what we know may actually be taboo. We may repress what we can’t know or feel in order to survive and we may only express what we are allowed to know or feel. In these ways we bury feelings and repress truths and develop philosophies to live by. The more we distort what we know and feel the more contorted, anxious and depressed we become. The more we operate from our experienced truth the more inspired we may become, especially when we learn guidelines about how to relate to others fairly and reasonably. SCTT functions with all these formative issues in mind.

In private therapy we use a healing technique we plainly call "couchwork". Couchwork is simple and effective. It creates accelerated self-awareness and uncovers and dissolves trauma from childhood. This process along with traditional talk therapy gets to the source of your emotional pain, which is the real reason for depression, anxiety and unhealthy choices. Private therapy is done in conjunction with the relationship skills workshop since we have learned that dissolving trauma does not undo the bad habits you learned in childhood to cope. We find this approach to be the fastest and most transformative method about which we know.

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