Fequently Asked Questions

Does everyone have to take The Class before taking anything else, including therapy?

Yes, with minor exceptions. The Class offers an abundance of information that can provide a deeper understanding of origins of our personal issues. This understanding replaces tendencies to resist The Work and catapults healing. In nearly twenty-five years of experience, this course significantly shortens the time therapy takes.

Parents of young children can start a relationships skills workshop for kids without having taken The Class first and individuals in a crisis may be seen one time without having taken The Class, but we do not recommend it. We strongly suggest that they power through the four-hour condensed version first, so they can better understand and digest the feedback.

In what format is The Class offered?
  • 8-week live course, which allows for questions and answers with some dialogue.
  • 4-hour condensed version by audio CDs: This version provides a basic understanding of our theoretical orientation to start you on your path. This is good for an emergency or for a one-time to the session of someone else who is doing The Work, like a spouse or grown child. Since this is a condensed version, this is also temporary. If you decide to do the work, you still have to take the 16-hour extended version live or on CDs or DVDs.
  • 16-hour extended version on audio CDs or video taped DVDs
Are your classes court approved?
Our courses meet The Court’s requirements for a parenting class. Further, our course is often recommended by family court and dependency court, as well as by social workers from the Department of Children and Family Services. Mandated students often become grateful for the experience. Our course is probably the most effective class taught anywhere.

On the other hand, our class is attended by very high functioning individuals who want to “go for greatness” in raising their child or who want to overcome a block keeping them from further achievement. Our classes are filled with students from all walks of life.
What is the refund policy for The Class?
Anyone can have a refund once they have taken the entire class. This policy is to deter people who quit because they don’t like the information. Once we put this policy in place, the few students who asked for refunds completed the course and were glad they did. If someone begins the class, but can’t finish it for any other reason, such as a death in the family, they can return at a later date and begin the class again or continue where they left off, depending upon their needs or we can arrange for them to take the class by tape (disc).
How frequently do you hold live classes?

The live class is available four times annually

See our calendar page for "The Class" schedule.

Do you work with grown children?
Yes, absolutely. All adults are grown children, of course, and their issues stem from childhood. We also specialize in issues resulting from childhood trauma or dysfunctional family interaction systems. This means we work effectively and compassionately with adults who don’t have children and never intend to have children but want to heal.
Do you do consultations?
Of course. However, we strongly recommend that a visitor listen to the 4-hour Condensed Version of The Theory before scheduling a consultation so you can get the most value from the dialogue and feedback. This quick preparation will ensure that the time in session will be spent on your personal issues with minimal or no time spent on teaching the theory. The Class, including the condensed version, is designed to save you money and time and create deeper insight sooner.
How long will therapy take?
Our program is at once deeper and faster than other therapeutic approaches. Even so, most of it is not even therapy. Most of it is educational with venues for practicing with others. That said, how long you take will depend upon how quickly you pick up the concepts versus how resistant you are to learning the new ways. The quicker you learn to give up defensiveness, the faster you will learn. Learning to be open is a skill we also teach.
What is the frequency of sessions?
Most therapists schedule hour-and-one-half sessions twice monthly with two relationship skills workshops on the same interval. However, some people schedule their relationship skills workshops on opposite weeks with a different coach or therapist. We find that two private sessions equaling three hours monthly are more effective than four (45 minute) one-hour sessions. This is also easier on the schedules of busy people and saves more drive time and emissions.

Additionally, our therapists are entitled to the therapeutic hour of 45 minutes like any other therapist. So, an hour and one-half session is officially one hour and twenty-two and one-half minutes. This allows your therapist to take notes, return calls and meet her own needs. However, most of us elect to spend the additional 22 ½ minutes, which is our time, with the clients. This additional time is a gift, and we hope it is never taken for granted. This way, when we must take this time, the client does not feel cheated, but rather feels grateful for additional time she has enjoyed.
What kind of programs do you offer?
Our program takes a three-pronged approached, which involves (1) education by The Class, live or on tape, (2) practicing relationship skills in our workshops for all ages and (3) private therapy to address childhood trauma and other childhood experiences that negatively impacted your ability to become high functioning. We also offer other workshops and seminars for graduates of The Class. Students often make friends for a lifetime at PaRC Foundation.
What is your theoretical orientation?
From About Our Theory sections - The Causal Theory, is based upon the premise of experiential and environmental cause and effect in creating temperament, personality, character and drives, as well as behavioral and interactional patterns.
Do you prescribe medication?
No. We have a consulting psychiatrist, but our program is so effective that students who come to us taking medication often wean off medication. On the rare occasion where a student needs medication to function and even to do The Work, we have top-notch referrals. Since we see all symptoms as the result of childhood experiences, not genetics, and since we believe we know how to treat these experiences, we do not reflexively refer for medication, since medication can have negative side effects and sometimes slows down the process of healing.
What are some of the results I can expect to see?
For students who elect to do private therapy in addition to taking The Class and the Relationship Skills Workshop, we begin with the premise that you were amazing and divine when you were born. We believe you were heir to all the wonders of the world. We want to help you get back on track. That means you will learn to see yourself in a sweeter light. You will be helped to process traumatic memories. You will possibly go through a period of feeling even more pain and feeling confused about how to respond to life’s challenges, but you will discover how to process pain and the confusion - which is a stage of growth - will then pass into clarity. After this phase you will become lighter and realize that you are better. You will learn the secrets of successful interaction that healthy people know. You will be taught the valuable skills you didn’t learn in childhood. You will solve problems better, and you will know what your rights and responsibilities are in a relationship. You will eventually learn how to handle difficult situations by yourself.
What method of payments do you accept?
Payment for The Class, CDs and DVDs can be made in person by cash, check or credit card at the time of purchase, or by credit card via PayPal online.

However, we don't recommend going into debt to do private therapy or to attend the relationship skills workshop. The positive results may be counteracted by the experience of debt. So we prefer only to accept credit card payment when it is a necessary convenience for the student. Payment for private therapy and relationship skills workshop is accepted either by check or cash. We ask clients to pay for these services in advance by the 25th of the prior month.
What if I have questions that are not listed in the FAQ section?

Please feel free to contact us with more questions about our services. If your questions are practical and/or theoretical, ask questions in class. If you are not seeing your own counselor, you can contact anyone of PaRC’s teachers with questions in class and after, once you have graduated. We also have regular seminars. You can always call in with your questions. If they are urgent, we will respond with haste.