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Therapists & Interns

"All our therapists, interns, and coaches must live and practice the causal theory in order to teach or get referrals from PaRC. This achievement awards them a Certificate in Lifestyle." — Dr. Faye Snyder

“I am convinced that had we not found our way to PaRC, things would have turned out dramatically different for our entire family. I am beyond grateful for the information and support we have received.”

Mylene Carberry, Marriage and Family Therapist Trainee

Mylene Carberry

Mylene Carberry became a Master Parent in 1998 and a Master Teacher in 2000. She graduated with a BA in psychology from Ryokan College in 2012 and is currently studying for her Masters degree at Pacifica Graduate Institute. Mylene facilitates Relationship Skills Workshops for adults and children and is also available for private therapy. She specializes in teaching imprinting, faith parenting and preventive diagnosis. Some of her interests include conscious divorce, attachment issues and neurobiology. Mylene is also certified as a yoga instructor and a licensed massage therapist in the state of California. She has raised her two children in the theory since birth.

Daniel Carroll, Registered Marriage and Family Therapist Intern (MFTI)

Dan Carroll

Daniel Carroll came to PaRC in 2013 and is currently completing a Masters degree in marriage and family therapy at California State University, Northridge. He has a black belt in karate and shares a life-long love of martial arts with his father who was his teacher. Dan specializes in working with young adults and co-facilitates a relationship skills workshop for young adults and teens. He is also available for private therapy.

Lesleigh J. Tolin, MS Registered Marriage & Family Therapist Intern

Lesleigh Tolin

Lesleigh began her internship at PaRC in 2014 after searching for the ideal internship. She completed her own work in the Causal Theory before seeing clients and has finished her required hours for licensure. She is performing all the tasks of a therapist by teaching, running a group and seeing private clients.

She has roots in Al-Anon and applies the Causal Theory to her preferred specialty of eating disorders, and she is also very committed to working with grief and loss.

Emilia Zarookian, Registered Psychological Assistant Intern

Emilia Zarookian

Emilia Zarookian attended the University of Santa Barbara, where she earned her BA, and then she attended the University of La Verne for her MS. Now she is attending the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. She came to PaRC in 2015 and was a master parent by 2016. She is now a registered psychological assistant under the supervision of Dr. Faye and is on course to complete her doctorate by October 2016.

Emilia is also a school counselor for the Los Angeles Unified School District. During her undergraduate years, she studied psychology because she was curious about human behavior and mental health. She loves the Causal Theory and wants to continue working in the theory.

Charles Shedrick, Life Coach

Dan Carroll

Charles Shedrick came to the PaRC Foundation in 2010 from Covina where he had an extensive chemical dependency practice and major following. In 2003 Charles received a certificate in Chemical Dependency from Glendale Community College. He is a popular public speaker and PaRC has since certified him as a Life Coach. He has incorporated the causal theory into his work and has opened a satellite location for PaRC in Covina. He teaches the parenting class, facilitates relationship skills workshops for both adult and teens, and offers private life coaching to include accelerated meditation.

Master Teachers, Coaches and Monitors

PaRC has trained some Master Parents as parenting teachers, coaches and monitors. These lay parenting experts are skilled observers of parenting and highly qualified to coach parents and monitor visits for DCFS. All Master Parents listed below have taken numerous graduate level psychology classes at PaRC (the classes available for continuing education units for therapists) and have spent at least two or more years training in relationship skills. Most have been teaching parenting at PaRC for years as lay experts who are Certified in Lifestyle. They can function as unobtrusive and diplomatic observers or monitors, and they are skilled in assertiveness when necessary, giving quality feedback and de-escalating tense family situations or contentious situations in the classroom. These coaches are also available for home visits.

Monitors and coaches are available through PaRC at (818) 891-8477.

Scott Snyder, Master Teacher

Scott Snyder (Master Parent)

Scott Snyder (aka Scott Clifton) was raised in the theory by the theoretician, and as such, may be the prototype, so it’s particularly interesting to hear him teach. Scott may have the deepest and most intuitive understanding of the theory. He began teaching when he was 20, having completed the requirements to become a Master Teacher. He specializes in Lecture One, “How to Make a Personality”, because it is an overview of The Theory. He also co-teaches Lecture Nine on Intelligence with Dr. Faye. He is a consummate debater and offers an annual class on debate skills or “how to question and to disagree intelligently”. Master Parents voted to elect Scott as the Ombudsman for PaRC.