Getting Started

Getting Started

Anyone interested in working with us to become emotionally healthy or how to raise an ethical, resilient and enjoyable child will begin their journey by gaining an understanding of how healing works. Thus, the first step of the journey is the parenting or theory class. This is not a detour. It is a way of catapulting yourself forward and getting started faster. With the theory class you will gain a deeper understanding of what it takes to self-correct or heal.

As soon as you start the class, whether you see it live at our Granada Hills office, listen to the CDs, view the DVDs or read the parenting manual at home, you have begun the healing process. Maybe that’s all you need. You now have the tools to become a better parent and live a healthier life. But if you need more and want our help we are here to guide and assist you.

Beginning with the Parenting Class

Attend live or study at home

Classes are taught at our Granada Hills facility five times annually.

Attending the live lectures is the most ideal way to learn the theory if you live within the Southern California area. The eight-week course allows students to ask questions, interact with others, and share related experiences.