Getting Started

The Parenting Class

This is the ultimate parenting class, considering the new developments in families over the last few decades. It may be the best parenting class available anywhere. Today's families are often disoriented with the exploding technologies, single parents, new gender roles, two parents working, split custody, and frequent moves. This series first (1) explains the debate over parenting in the field of psychology, what to treat and how to treat. It covers the different treatment approaches, considering the debate. It helps to be informed over this major disagreement. (2) We cover how to make all the personality disorders by parenting, so you won't make those mistakes. (3) We teach how healing works, and myths about healing that don't work, so that you can heal yourself while you heal your child(ren) from previous mistakes or experiences. If you take your child to therapy we often enlist your help because we want the parent to be the healer, and the therapist to be your guide. (4) We review the stages of child development and what they mean to parents and parenting. Then, (5) we introduce a new concept of Imprinting, in which we teach parents about recent major scientific discoveries about the origins of behavior in the brain and the role of power and powerlessness in our lives. That lecture is followed by a lecture (6) on Faith Parenting and how and when to let go, so your child and you can discover more in life. After the Faith Parenting lecture we finally teach (7) Discipline, because we wanted you to understand where behaviors come from before you discipline them with state-of-the-art techniques, of course. We address the recent epidemic in children's behaviors, which is a trend toward lack of persistence. (8) Lastly, we teach rights and responsibilities in a relationship, again what healthy people know and you must know if you interact with healthy people and have a disagreement or a mutual problem to solve or transcend. Having healthy interaction skills at home ends up on the playground too.

The Co-parenting Class

The Co-parenting Class was born to meet the needs of Family Court and warring parents. Rather than give the child to one parent, the goal is for children to have both parents, unless one behaves so badly that the child is truly at risk. Judges and clinicians agree that children need both parents, but they also need parents who are mature enough to get along when they feel hurt, rejected, betrayed or abandoned. Getting along is essential for the child's sake and it should happen for the rest of the child's life, including the day your child gets married. This class covers what children need, what they must be spared by warring parents and what parents can do to help themselves. It covers relationship and communication skills, so parents can be civil for the sake of their child and get their needs met. While this is not an attempt at reconciliation, many parents learn the mistakes they made in relating to one another so they aren't repeated in future relationships.


We offer a relationship skill workshop for graduates of our classes, if parents want to come and practice healthy interaction skills or even simply witness them. We found that even when we heal trauma, our students don't automatically learn healthy relationship skills. They often go back out into the world and relate in the same ways they learned at home with their families of origin and get reinjured. We believe no one is healed unless they know how to relate in a healthy way. Thus we have a relationship skills workshop for adults but also for teens, children and even infants. Sometimes these workshops dry up as families heal, but with renewed interest they open up again. Check to see if we have such a workshop for your needs. You may also want to put your family on a list for specific age groups or needs.


Anyone interested in working with us to become emotionally healthy, to heal themselves or their child, or to learn how to raise an ethical, resilient and enjoyable child should begin their journey by signing up below for the Parenting Theory Class. This class does help you gain an understanding of not only what parenting choices are essential for healthy development and what discipline works best, but it also covers the problematic choices we make in later life and how we got to them. We learn about ourselves when we learn how to parent better. We learn how healing works. We learn what healthy people know that mama never taught us. Thus, the first step of the journey at PaRC is ideally the parenting or theory class, even if you are an unmarried adult coming for therapy with no children. This is not a detour. Neither is it a requirement. It's just a strong recommendation. It is a way of catapulting yourself forward and finishing faster. It is harder work, but it saves time and money. It's a four and one-half hour commitment on four Saturday mornings for one month, beginning the first Saturday of every month.

On the other hand, we are willing to see you directly. You can skip the class and come straight to us. It's just that we want you to know we have a better option if you want to take it.

Lastly, yes, we treat trauma, especially trauma experienced during childhood in the most vulnerable years. Yes, we treat trauma. We also help redesign family systems to become healthier rather than self-defeating.