The Parenting Class

It's a parenting and theory class.

For those of you who

The Parenting & Theory Class is where we discover how we became the way we are and how we can change or improve. The Parenting & Theory Class is a theory class about developmental psychology.

This eight-week series is intended for parents, family members, caregivers and anyone who wants to learn more about personality development and raising children for greatness as well as healing from childhood pain. Originally called The Miracle Child Parenting Series this course is dedicated to the development of healthier, happier, smarter, and more compassionate children by fine-tuning parental awareness. Parenting is our most important endeavor. The way in which we parent our children, as the well as the way we were parented, sets them up for success or struggle.

The Parenting & Theory Class corrects many false assumptions before the therapist-client dialogue begins. The Parenting & Theory class is not just for parents. We were all affected in childhood by our parenting and self-reflection requires awareness of the causal relationship between how we were parented and how we navigate the world as adults.

This class will accelerate your understanding of what must be done and why. It saves time and money. When you enroll in the class your work has begun. It is also available live or on DVDs and CDs.

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