Families are systems. They are systems of interaction which work well or go awry. Parents and the systems they invent are the co-creators of the children they produce. PaRC is designed to offer everything your family needs to develop a family system that will serve all members of your family. We begin with the parenting class, because it teaches self-awareness and what works and doesn’t work in the home.

The Parenting Class

format: lecture, audience: adult, length: 8 weeks (1 day/week for 2.5hrs)

  • Week 3: HEALING
  • Week 5: IMPRINTING
  • Week 7: DISCIPLINE

Kids Workshop

format: workshop, audience: kids ages 5 to 12, length: 2 hrs. - 2x / month

  • Parents and children discuss and problem-solve family and life issues
  • 2 hours, two times per month
  • Parents and children attend

Teen Skills Workshop

format: workshop, audience: teens ages 13 to 18, length: 2 hrs. - 2x / month

  • Teens meet alone once monthly and meet with parents once monthly to discuss and problem-solve family and teen issues.
  • 2 hours, two times monthly

Relationship Skills Workshop

format: workshop, audience: adults, length: 4 hrs. - 2x / month

  • Couples and singles discuss interpersonal relationship issues and receive feedback and mirroring followed by replacement skills. Need not be parents to participate.
  • 4 hours, two times monthly, led by varying therapists, interns and coaches


format: lecture, audience: children & adults, length: 2 hrs.

Has homework been a battle with your child or do you have a child about to begin school? Homework is your child’s biggest responsibility growing up. How your child approaches it and manages it is indicative of how she will handle later responsibilities as an adult, especially in her career. Parents will learn how to help their child create good habits without battling with their child. Because of the importance of this ethic, we help parents set up a routine to promote success and enthusiasm for this basic childhood responsibility.

Sibling Rivalry

format: lecture, audience: children & adults, length: 2 hrs.

Sibling rivalry is not necessary and it is not a stage. It is a result of feelings of betrayal and jealousy with regard to parental attention and conditions in the home when a child has not been sufficiently filled up emotionally or has not been helped to transition into sharing. The most critical time to address sibling rivalry is before the baby is born. Every time a new baby is introduced into the family sibling rivalry may become an issue. We will help you discover parental patterns that have brought about the conflict between your children as well as new routines to implement. This information will help you develop a family that operates from love, respect and understanding.

Home Visits

As needed/When needed

Sometimes families need home visits to learn new replacement habits. Some parental behaviors are so engrained and unconscious that the parent doesn’t even realize what harmful things they are doing. Other times, they know but just need coaching on specific alternative responses to their children’s particular behaviors.

Home visits are more expensive than office visits, but they are available, and coaches do not cost as much as interns or therapists.