The Relationship Skills Workshops

The primary focus of these ongoing workshops is to teach communication and relationship skills to adults and/or children within the context of the Causal Theory. Topics include life skills, effective communication, ethics, morals, anger management, self-esteem, healthy arguing, understanding your effect on people and their effect on you, and perception versus projections. Participants in all relationship skills workshops learn to give and receive feedback, which we call mirroring. We teach students how to say what they want to say with more skill. We also teach problem solving, ethics and tools for deciphering projections from perception. We teach students how to have a clean fight. Most workshops meet twice monthly at our Granada Hills, CA location. The groups are categorized as follows:

Children with Reactive Attachment Disorder Workshop

format: workshop, audience: children 2yrs and up & parents, length: 2 hrs. - 1x / month

  • This group focuses on healing abandonment and insufficient bonding
  • Parents and children attend
  • 2 hours, one time per month
  • Led by Dr. Faye Snyder, Granada Hills location

Kids Workshop

format: workshop, audience: kids ages 5 to 12, length: 2 hrs. - 2x / month

  • Parents and children discuss and problem-solve family and life issues
  • 2 hours, two times per month
  • Parents and children attend

Teen Skills Workshop

format: workshop, audience: teens ages 13 to 18, length: 2 hrs. - 2x / month

  • Teens meet alone once monthly and meet with parents once monthly to discuss and problem-solve family and teen issues.
  • 2 hours, two times monthly

Relationship Skills Workshop

format: workshop, audience: adults, length: 4 hrs. - 2x / month

  • Couples and singles discuss interpersonal relationship issues and receive feedback and mirroring followed by replacement skills. Need not be parents to participate.
  • 4 hours, two times monthly, led by varying therapists, interns and coaches