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The Parenting Class

Anyone interested in working with us to become emotionally healthy or to raise an ethical, resilient, and enjoyable child will begin their journey by gaining an understanding of the causes of emotional suffering and how healing works. The first step of the journey toward becoming a better patient and a better parent is The Parenting and Theory Class, aka The Class.

Since the pandemic, we have morphed into an online, high-quality, 16-hour lecture series of eight lectures for $250, to include the manuscript of The Handbook, which accompanies the series, and follow-up discussions. The lecture series includes an important opportunity to discuss and digest the relevance of the material to your lives and your children’s lives.

The follow-up discussions either take place in a Zoom group format at 6 pm on Tuesday nights or with an individual coach, who is an intern. The group discussion is laid out so that the first two lectures are discussed on the first Tuesday night, the second two lectures on the second Tuesday, and so forth. This gets you in and out in one month. If you can’t make Tuesday nights, or you simply prefer a private dialogue, we will assign you an intern who will schedule appointments with you at your convenience. These dialogues, in either format, are included in the price of the lecture series.

The Co-Parenting Class

Co-Parenting Classes are available every month on Zoom, beginning 9 am on Saturday mornings online. These classes are $350 each and last three hours for four weeks. The Co-Parenting Classes are formed to meet the needs of Family Court, where parents have difficulty cooperating in parenting their children after separation and divorce. If you are referred to co-parenting classes, simply choose to pay $350 when you register online, and we will know for which class you are registering. After you register, we will email you the manuscript to accompany the co-parenting class, Co-Parenting: Healing in the Courts.


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