Welcome to the PaRC Foundation

Welcome! We are excited that you have found us. This foundation is designed for students who truly want to address their reoccurring problems and are willing to take full responsibility for their choices if only they might know what they have been doing wrong, how to fix it and what to do right, instead. If you are seeking answers and are willing to do what it takes to unlearn and relearn in order to grow, you have come to the right place. We like to think of ourselves as guides. I designed this foundation to provide the guidance you need to redesign your life to suit your own healthy goals. --Dr. Faye

My Vision ( Taken from The Manual )

If only one parent who has been blind to the needs of children seriously considers the content of this manual in the raising of her two children who each have two children, then writing this book will have been worth it all. For these seven anonymous souls I have pushed forward every day to leave my message, determined to make a difference that I can only imagine.

Truth be told, I see a difference in lives almost daily, so my imagination often takes flight to grandiose possibilities that leave me intoxicated with hope. If my book could show up in only one-half of the baby showers in the United States, parents would begin to raise a generation more resilient than any generation before us and those who have not read it will still be influenced for the better. Schools would once again become places where children were safe to study and learn.

The rise in mental health would become epidemic and what now appears to be a decline in civilization would become the renaissance of future generations. Populations would shrink in prisons and mental hospitals. There would be fewer of the homeless on our streets. Alas, my own field would place a premium on good parenting theory and require that all therapists learn how pathology is created and how to practice and teach good relationship skills.

We would enter an era of problem-solving sufficient to undo the dilemmas we have set for ourselves and creativity would abound. I can imagine a society where nearly all our people are not only capable of greatness, but daily astound one another with humor, acceptance, intelligence, insight, humility, courage, honesty and works of art. Greatness would actually become commonplace but never ordinary and our bar would be set at new levels while we revel in daily acts of daring and kindness. Many of us would seek and achieve our potential. Most of us would feel safe in our homes and at work and we would be inspired by every new day, even if we only chose to just do our part, which would be good enough. Our citizens would become icons of mental health and perhaps the rest of the world would inherit translations and join us. Of course, I will never know how many brave parents I might ultimately reach, but I can imagine the worst and the best. In the meantime, I keep my expectations low and write to my imagined seven, one of which is you ( taken from The Manual ).