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We rarely do child therapy, because in most cases we consider it malpractice. The parents have first-hand knowledge of how the child was raised, and with The Parenting Class, they will modify those ways. Further, they can become their child’s healer. They are with their child daily, whereas a therapist is generally with the child an hour a week. The child needs an attachment to his/her parents and to depend on them, not a therapist, for understanding and guidance. Child therapy is for a child whose parents cannot help themselves, much less their child. So, we teach parents how to heal their own children. We are available for consultations at the same rate as therapy. Consultation is available by appointment as often as needed. Phone calls are $3 a minute, after five minutes. You are on your honor to keep track and pay when the phone call has ended. Payment methods are available on this website.



Parenting Class

The parents are the healers. We do not choose to come between the parents and the child. In our opinion that would be malpractice. You are with your child every day. We would only see the child an hour a week. You have a chance to repair the issues you have learned about in The Parenting Class.


Cost and Times

• Study the parenting tapes many times, maybe four times.


• Come to the Discussion Group, which is $100/month after the first two months.

$100.00 / mo after the first two months.

However, if you want a private consultation, you can see Dr. Faye for $200 an hour.

See Dr. Faye by appointment on Zoom or at the Discussion Groups on Sundays at 1 to 3 pm.

Dr. Faye,



The type will move to accommodate your answers.

We ask the following intrusive questions to help you, not to judge you.

Please be honest, because the more trouble you have been in, the more we want to help. You will just want to sincerely turn your life around.

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