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  • Q: Where can we find the answers for these FAQ questions?
    You may find the answers in the "Drop Down menu", the tiny arrow to the far right of each question>>
  • Q: Do you do child therapy?
    A: No, not as you imagine it. We prepare YOU to be the child’s healer. We have you take the parenting class, so you can undo and redo the child's injuries, yourself, because you are with the child most of the time, and you have the relationship with the child. We don’t want to come between you two.
  • Q: Can you help someone with PTSD?
    A: Yes, but we have prerequisites. We want you to take our parenting class first, because it is about the things that can go wrong in childhood and how they affect our resilience. The class rather predisposes your psyche to be ready for trauma therapy. It also teaches you how healing works, as well. So, we ask you to take our Parenting Class first. Then, we need to know your budget, so we can assign anyone from a new intern, a seasoned intern or the founder, to treat your trauma. The trauma method we use is profound and almost does itself, so we can help you at any price.
  • Q: Do you do couples counseling?
    A: Well, yes and no. We don’t like to do private counseling for two reasons. We believe you grow and learn more in a Relationship Skills Workshop by witnessing other people with similar issues. You see how defensiveness looks. You get how blaming looks. It causes you to self-reflect. It is a place for you to practice and get neutral and kind feedback. We can go through our entire lives and never get the kind of impartial honest feedback that we get from a mirror. You learn how to give and receive such feedback. Most of all, when a therapist does couples counseling, s/he begins by giving feedback to the party that is the most incorrect skill-wise. So, then the neglected party decides that the therapist is biased for focusing on one person in the beginning. So, in RSW, you get quality feedback from member of the group and come to realize that when eight out of ten people see the same thing, it isn’t the therapist. It is something to consider updating in your repertoire of responses.
  • Q: Can we meet in person?
    A: No, we meet online.
  • Q: Are classes by Zoom?
    A: Yes.
  • Q: Do you take insurance?
    We don’t take insurance, but we are affordable. We often hear that people heal from simply from taking the parenting class or from attending the Discussion Group that is offered with The Class for two hours, twice monthly for two months. Further, Dr. Faye trains interns who see clients for therapy after students have taken the class. New interns do not charge. Advanced interns charge from $75 to $100 for an hour-and-a-half session. All interns are under Dr. Faye’s supervision. A few decades ago, Dr. Faye discovered that even after healing a person's trauma, they may still re-injure themselves with their outdated, self-defeating, or offensive coping skills. So, she added the Relationship Skills Workshop to teach her clients and parenting students what healthy people know about interacting successfully, even during disagreements.
  • Q: Need to contact?
    For further information, please email one of the two emails below, and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. Dr. Faye | Founder Rad Stout | Web Manager
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