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We Are PaRC...

The Parenting and Relationship Counseling Foundation is a non-profit agency dedicated to educating the world on the critical importance of parenting and relationship skills via the Snyder Causal Theory and Treatment, while raising mental health to new levels, one person and one family at a time.

Originally established by Dr. Faye Snyder as The Institute for Professional Parenting (TIPP) in 1988, the PaRC Foundation has been able to change the lives of thousands of individuals and families from across the country. All the work we do is based upon the Causal Theory, a theory of developmental psychology based on cause and effect. We believe that all babies (including you) were born good and that all personality and behavior come from the child’s earliest experiences, especially from how they were parented. PaRC does not advocate medicating* a child to change behavior but rather teaches the parent to understand the origins of behavior and dysfunction, providing tools to heal their own child.

* When students are already on medication we work with their psychiatrist.

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