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Dr. Faye Snyder

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"Dr. Faye Snyder, Psychologist, Marriage and Family Therapist, Originator of the Causal Theory, Founder of the Parenting and Relationship Counseling Foundation (PaRC), and author of The Manual: The Definitive Book on Parenting and the Causal Theory was recently selected to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award for 2022 by the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP)."
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Our Story

       The Parenting and Relationship Counseling foundation (PaRC), was founded under
another name in 1988 by an intern, Faye Snyder, who was having a wonderful time raising her
son and wanted to teach parenting.
       This journey began under the childhood name of Faye Means, followed by a married
name of Faye Henderson, during her anti-war, civil rights, gay rights, and women’s rights
revolutionary period. The overwhelm of activism led to a four-and-a-half year migraine, an
addiction to pharmaceuticals, and, in 1978, a recommended frontal lobotomy. Sitting in a
private waiting room, Henderson made an abrupt decision that she would rather endure the
pain or take the opiates prescribed to her. She got up and left. Henderson moved to California
with her brother and sister-in-law.
       Henderson had been in therapy for 15 years getting progressively worse. Listening to
the Michael Benner show on the radio, she heard an interview with an MFT, Michael Lilienfeld.
From there she took the bus, twice weekly, from Anaheim to Sherman Oaks. Good therapy was
worth it. While working with her therapist, she met her husband to be, Ron Snyder, who
introduced her to Zen Buddhism, a great replacement philosophy. They married, and Snyder
decided she wanted to go to graduate school, become a marriage and family therapist, and
raise a child in a healthy way.
       Snyder realized she had to detox from the psychotropics and opiates she had been
taking for years, so she quit and went to hell, where she stayed for nearly two months,
recovered more memories, learned about her early childhood trauma, and released a torrent of
emotions. She had learned from Lilienfeld and Zen that running from feelings and thoughts was
the basis of her suffering.
       After healing from her childhood wounds in six months with Lilienfeld and detoxing to
further face her demons, Snyder decided to become the therapist she had always wanted,
someone to answer questions, not return a question with another question, “Well, what do you
       Snyder was now very clear that all the prescribed medication presumed that her
condition was congenital, and her personality issues were inborn. Having done the hard part to
heal without complaint, she now understood The Way of Healing. What she didn’t know,
though, was relationship skills and conflict resolution skills. That would become apparent, when
she became an intern and realized that you can heal a person, but if they don’t have
replacement skills, they will continue attracting similar issues. She borrowed theory from her
husband’s skills and formulated relationship skills, that is, what healthy people knew.
Snyder had a deep desire to have a baby. She wanted to raise a child the way she had
come to believe children need to be raised. Her son (Scott Clifton Snyder), named SCS for
success, was born while she was in graduate school. It was the most fun she ever had and
realized how much parents were missing.
       Before graduating, Snyder’s non-profit was born, which would specialize in treating
trauma, teaching relationship skills, and offering state-of-the-art parenting theory. PaRC has
filled out with interns, who learn Snyder’s final forensic measure for predicting adult behavior.
PaRC is dedicated to teaching what mama and dad never taught us. They were children too.

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