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       Dr. Faye is a student of the origins of violent behavior, and she learned most of what she knows by studying the two ends of the spectrum, from our greatest leaders in humanity and the most terrifying people of all. She believes that people who become dangerous to another person, were once on the other end of the experience. They were terrified victims as babies and small children. What goes in must come out, and what doesn’t go in can’t come out.

       In studying individual childhoods of people who turn out at either end of humanity, Dr. Faye has learned most of what she knows about behavior, how it is created and what it takes to heal it. There is no class at PaRC where this knowledge is more intensely employed than in the DV class, where there are no killers, but there are some very angry people who have had too much of a bad thing. Oh, and by the way, the more angry one is, the more likely they will protect their parents and deny they had anything to do with it. This is because, underneath seething rage is a parental mandate not to express one's thoughts and feelings, which  requires a lot of forgetting. 

        The first thing you must know is that this class is not about showing up so you can walk away with evidence that you completed the court order. This class is about showing up to heal. The second thing you need to know is that you were not born with any propensity for violence. Next, you need to know that it will take the four ingredients of healing: humility, courage, self-reflection, and a profound love of the truth. Which one are you best at? Which of those four traits have you yet to develop?

       At any rate, you will learn that you came by your rage honestly. It’s not inborn, and it was learned or unconsciously imprinted from the ways your parents treated you, your siblings, one another, and the people outside your home. Was there blaming and retribution in your family? Was there a modeled mandate not to complain or show your feelings when you were hurt? So, how did your parents disagree? Did they go silent? Walk out? Blame? Get even, or did they talk it out, each listening and then explaining their feelings, thoughts and needs. Did they negotiate a solution. Did they know how to take responsibility for their part? Did you get to see them cry, because it is through crying that we heal versus bottling up our feelings, which drives us to scapegoat innocent others.

       This theory doesn’t ask you to blame your parents to heal. Your parents were children too, and you can break the cycle of transmitting behaviors from one generation to the next, if you can tell the truth of what you experienced. They don't have to know. 

What help?

Step 1—

The Parenting Class

to learn origins of violent drives:


re-enactments rage, and scapegoating, and what it takes to heal.


Online 16-hour video series over three months.

Get link and password after you pay.

After one month and, mostly finishing the class, attend a Discussion Group for two more months, which is two hours, twice monthly.

Pre-requisite and sequence

Pre-register. You will need The Handbook from Lulu for $50 to PaRC donation plus tax, S&H:


$200.00 / mo 


$350.00 per couple

Sign up through
The Parenting Class


Online video is at your convenience

+ Group Discussion

held on 2nd and 4th Sundays twice monthly 1-3 pm on Zoom by Dr. Faye:

Step 2—






Four online Zoom classes

in one month:

1. Maria,

Zoom link:

2. Dr. O,


Zoom link:


3. Dr. Gaye,


3. Dr. Faye,



Send us your court order.

Read “Co-Parenting: Healing in the Courts”.

Lulu Publishers:

$350.00 per person


$500.00 per couple

paid to PaRC as above.


Since this is online, your DV victim may attend if s/he so chooses. It gives you someone with whom to practice new skills.

10 am to 1 pm

2nd and 4th Sundays twice monthly. Double check times at email below.

2nd and 4th Sundays twice monthly. Double check times at email below.

Step 3—



skills in RSW

with Dr. Faye

Whole Course Option

Commence 4 months of Relationship Skills Workshop led by Dr. Faye


“The No-Blaming Contract” and “The Relationship Skills Summary”

$200.00 / mo 


$300.00 per couple

2nd and 4th Sundays 3-6, except December. Double check to see if there have been changes.

Choose the $200/mo  for 12 months option

Same layout/ sequence as above. Only difference is payment is equally distributed over time. 

You may send $200/mo


12 months,

instead of the partial payments above.


Write Dr. Faye



       There are any number of courses available, where you just have to show up. If if you really want to take advantage of this your court order,  see it as your chance to grow. We present three stages over the court-ordered time period, which for DV is usually 12 months. It’s a giant opportunity. We will welcome you and enjoy you.  All three courses will be back-to-back covering all the bases, except you may elect to do trauma work, as well.

       If you choose this Domestic Violence Package online via Zoom, you will be registered when you fill out and return your intake, send us a copy of your court order (by fax, email, or snail mail) and pay your fee at PaRC. Please don’t send us a photo of the court order. You can go to Kinkos or Office Max and fax to 661-558-4162. Then we will send you Zoom links for each of four presenters and a copy of the “No-Blaming” Contract and “A Summary of Relationship Skills”. If you sense a delay, please email Don’t worry, there are alternatives to blaming, such as describing observations, feelings, and assessments. There are also contingencies, such as “If…, then…” or "Yes, if..." You will learn mature ways to present your position. You will learn your rights and responsibilities in a relationship. You will learn what you don't get to control, and how such attempts backfire. Nobody wants to be controlled. It's a turn-off. 

       Your program begins with the Parenting Class to understand yourself and others, and then includes the Co-Parenting class, so that you can learn the underlying issues of interaction, and then finally you will finish for several months by practicing relationship skills in RSW. In some cases, when early childhood trauma is pushing the student around, we refer them to do some trauma work with an intern. If you are court ordered for 52 weeks, we will fill them up these ways, as you will finish with the Relationship Skills Workshop to practice your skills until your court order is satisfied. If you are committed, your healing will be well-rounded, from addressing your own childhood injuries and how they cause you to provoke and scapegoat others to learning and practicing new conflict resolution skills. We have set an average monthly fee for the 12 -month program.



DOMESTIC VIOLENCE REGISTRATION: The following form is to ensure that we know what we
need to know to help you the most. We are not looking for flaws. We are looking for
opportunities to help, especially if you are court ordered. If a question does not apply to your circumstances, please enter NA, for Not Applicable.


**Please send scan or fax a copy of your court order to Dr. Faye at (Please, no screenshots).

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