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What makes our parenting class unique?

It's a breakthrough formula:

How we become the way we are
and how we can change ourselves.

     This is not your ordinary parenting class! It is an education in self-awareness. It is life-changing and is a prerequisite for all other classes at PaRC, except for CoParenting (a class for people sharing custody). This class explains The Causal Theory, which offers eight primary causes in childhood of adult outcome, for better or worse, depending upon the parenting and especially the first few years of life. With this hidden information, we can parent better and self-reflect better about our own proclivities and life’s choices.

     The more positive specific experiences are for children, the better our resilience and outcome. Average parenting begets average outcome. If things go badly for any one of the critical transitions, we then enter adulthood with a single handicap, which can be surmounted. However, the more handicapped we become from the multiple critical experiences that went wrong, the more difficult life will become, except for one special mitigating factor. When one understands the origins of their behavioral choices, they can then self-reflect their way out of them.

     Since we hold that behavior is not inborn, we help you learn how to change or heal. The Causal Theory is supported by the best that science has to offer, however unpopular. In the pond that we swim, most believe that behavior is inborn, and certainly most animals behave according to genetic instruction. Some animals are naturally this or that. To make our point that behavior is mostly learned in the earliest years of life, watch this very short video.

Discussion Group

       After you get comfortable in your own home and watch the first three lectures, you are invited to attend the Discussion Group for two hours, twice monthly, at no additional cost over two months.  When you are ready please notify Dr. Faye by email that you will be coming at The Discussion Group is for questions, problems, sharing and guidance. Dr. Faye attends most of these four two-hour discussions. Confidentiality belongs to the group. For people who cannot afford therapy but need more after the two months are up, you will be able to continue in the group for only $100 per month. Therefore, no one who wants to do better will be denied.

Discussion Group Schedueling

Online Zoom Meeting
2nd and 4th Sunday of each month

1:00PM to 3:00 PM

Zoom Link provided upon registration acknowledgment

More time slots may be added as needed, check back here to see what is available!

How to Register

Registering for The Parenting Class is easy.  Just head to our Course Purchase Page, select the parenting course, or use the links below. You will be asked to log in to your account or create one if you do not already have an account. Then fill out the attached form and submit payment. By purchasing the course, your account will be granted access to the Parenting Course Host Page.

Make sure to remember your login information, you will need it to access the Parenting Course Host Page.


The course is $150 per person, or $200 for a couple. You will also need to purchase The Handbook as a course material for $50. More pricing details are listed below.

After you watch the first three lectures in the comfort of your home, you will be welcome to attend the Discussion Group. A Zoom Link for the Discussion Group will be provided when we receive your registration.




The PaRC Foundation's Parenting Course

Parenting Course (Couple)



The PaRC Foundation Parenting Course

The Handbook

You will need The Handbook to take the parenting course. The information within is a necessary and in depth addition to the information found in the lectures.

You can purchase The Handbook from LuLu for $50 + S/H using the link below.

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