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The Parenting Class is a prerequisite for the Relationship Skills Workshop (RSW).  Most of us don’t come from families with good relationship skills. However, living a life without good relationship skills means we will never be a good leader or role model for our children. Relationship skills and conflict resolution skills are essential for a mature adult. It is easier to heal a grown child from trauma than it is to teach them healthy relationship skills. For that reason, we have no timeline on how long it takes. Ideally, you stay until you get it, and you got it. Some people stay because it’s the best conversation in town. It is one of the most helpful things we do at PaRC for the lowest cost.



The Parenting Class is a prerequisite for the Relationship Skills Workshop (RSW).
Get the two articles by Dr. Faye: 

One is a summary of skills and another is about blaming




$250 couple



2nd and 4th Sundays

3 t0 6 pm, but check.

It may move to Sundays

If you choose the Relationship Skills Workshop (RSW), you pay your fee at PayPal, Venmo or Zelle. Contact Dr. Faye at the email below and request a copy of the Summary of Relationship Skills and the No-Blaming Contract, if it’s not on the website. Then you just show up. We suggest you double-check with Dr. Faye if the meeting time is the same or has changed. This workshop began in 1995, so there is no end date. You arrive as the new kid on the block. Get the lay of the land. Wait to be acknowledge. By the end, you will perhaps become a veteran, given you are teachable. You decide when it’s time to leave, and you leave honorably, saying goodbye with an acknowledgement of the best experiences and the perhaps the most difficult times that you had at RSW. Then, the members of the group give you feedback for the last time to include their blessings or a mirror of what they hope you continue to work on. If you still have questions, please email


RELATIONSHIPS SKILLS WORKSHOP REGISTRATION: The following form is to ensure that we know what we need to know to help you the most. We are not looking for flaws. We are looking for opportunities to help, especially if you are court ordered. If a question does not apply to your circumstances, please enter NA, for Not Applicable.


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